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Spring Cruise to the Pasture at Double Bayou

  • 30 Apr 2021
  • 8:30 AM
  • 2 May 2021
  • The East Fork of Double Bayou at the Pasture



Spring Cruise to the Pasture at Double Bayou

Most newer members of TMCA have probably never been to this wonderful cruising destination, and there are other older members who have not been there for quite a long time! The “Pasture” on the East Fork of Double Bayou has a very long history as a TMCA cruising destination, and so this is a great time to do this cruise before the weather gets too warm for it to be comfortable there.

There are some who think that Double Bayou is too difficult to navigate successfully anymore without running aground, but after personally doing three solo cruises there in 2020, I can attest that conditions are better there than they have been for a long time, specifically with some excellent new pvc markers along the red side of the channel in the shallowest areas. And I have also picked a weekend where the predicted tide levels should be quite excellent for channel transits. (see below)

There are two important documents that new cruisers to this destination need to look at, and they can be accessed by clicking here and here. The first one deals with navigation information, and the second one explains how to successfully get tied up alongside a cow pasture! And in addition to providing valuable information, they also contain lots of photos to give you an idea of what you are going to see along the way and when at this location.

There are no specific activities planned while there, but the Pasture is a great place to dinghy further up the bayou and explore the pristine scenery, or dinghy back down the bayou to Channel Marker 17 for a great lunch and a cold beer, or fish from the bank, or fly kites (or drones!), or play horseshoes, or just sit in a chair and enjoy the spring weather! We at this point probably cannot safely have  our usual dish-to-share meals, but if everyone creates their own dinners there is no reason that we cannot have socially-distanced meals in a big circle under the trees. And then also, since we always have a bonfire in the evenings, do throw some firewood aboard your boat to contribute to this wonderful tradition. And oh yes…, bring those marshmallows to toast and ingredients for smores!!!

There are lots of photos in an album from a 2016 cruise to this destination, and it be found here:

So take a look at them, start your cruise planning, get signed up for the event on the website, and come join us for a great weekend on the water at a quite magical location!

And if you have questions please give me a call at 713-598-6454.

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