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  • 28 May 2024 5:35 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Most of us have dreams about the Great Loop, but Cruising World has a great article on the Down East Loop.  Its a great read!!! 

    The Down East Circle Route, also known as the Down East Loop, is a fascinating 2,400-mile nautical journey that loops around New England and the Canadian Maritimes. Here are some key details about this captivating route:

    1. Route Description:

      • The Down East Circle Route starts in New York City and continues northward.
      • It encompasses various waterways, including the Hudson RiverLake ChamplainRichelieu RiverSt. Lawrence River, the east coast of New BrunswickNova Scotia, and New England, as well as Long Island Sound.
      • The loop takes you through picturesque landscapes, historic towns, and charming coastal regions.
    2. Navigational Considerations:

      • While the term “Down East” often evokes thoughts of bluewater cruising, the Down East Circle Route is not a bluewater trip.
      • Land is always in sight, and you’re never more than a half day away from the nearest port or anchorage.
      • The route reaches its northernmost point, the Gaspé Peninsula (located at nearly 50 degrees latitude), before looping back.
      • Despite its reach into higher latitudes, the loop is quite manageable during a single summer season.
    3. Challenges and Highlights:

      • The Bay of Fundy and Gulf of Maine can be challenging cruising grounds due to big tides and cold, foggy conditions.
      • Plan to be on Nova Scotia’s Atlantic coast by mid to late August and cross the Gulf of Maine in late September when foggy days are reduced.
      • Marine facilities are readily available along the route, and infrastructure allows family and friends to join at various points.
      • The entire route is well-charted and easy to navigate, although some remote anchorages on Nova Scotia’s eastern shore require extra vigilance.
    4. Recommended Direction:

      • The clockwise direction is recommended for tackling the loop.
      • This means having the prevailing westerly breeze at your back and favorable current in much of the St. Lawrence River.
      • Dealing with the countercurrent can be challenging on the lower part of the river, so downstream of Old Québec City, the tide’s influence becomes significant.
    5. Scenic Delights:

      • Along the way, you’ll encounter sandy shores, red bluffs, rolling hills, and picturesque landscapes.
      • Nova Scotia’s eastern shore offers stunning beauty and opportunities for exploration.

    Whether you’re an experienced cruiser or embarking on your first long voyage, the Down East Circle Route promises a memorable adventure filled with rich culture, historic charms, and dramatic scenery1234. ⛵

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  • 21 May 2024 8:06 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is making waves in the recreational boating world, offering several benefits. Let’s dive into some of them:

    1. Autonomous Navigation: AI-equipped boats can navigate water routes independently, making boating more accessible to a broader audience. Users can enjoy the experience without extensive knowledge or expertise1.
    2. Auto-Docking Technology: Companies like Avikus are introducing auto-docking systems that simplify boat docking by removing the dynamics of wind and current. This technology improves control for maneuvering in tight spaces, enhancing safety and efficiency1.
    3. Fuel Efficiency and Emissions Reduction: Autonomous boats optimize fuel usage, reduce emissions, and encourage sustainable practices. By leveraging AI, boaters can contribute to environmental conservation while enjoying their adventures on the water1.
    4. Environmental Research Opportunities: AI-powered boats provide avenues for environmental research. Researchers can collect data on water quality, marine life, and ecosystems, aiding conservation efforts1.

    In summary, AI revolutionizes safety, efficiency, and environmental impact in the recreational boating industry, making it an exciting frontier for technological advancements1.

    To acquire an AI-equipped boat, consider the following steps:

    1. Research and Identify Models: Explore boat manufacturers and companies specializing in autonomous or AI-enhanced vessels. Look for models that align with your preferences, whether it’s a recreational boat, yacht, or specialized watercraft.
    2. Contact Dealers and Distributors: Reach out to authorized dealers or distributors of AI-equipped boats. Inquire about available models, features, and pricing. They can guide you through the purchasing process.
    3. Customization Options: Some manufacturers offer customization options. Discuss your requirements, such as navigation capabilities, safety features, and onboard systems. Customization ensures the boat meets your specific needs.
    4. Budget Considerations: AI-equipped boats can be expensive due to advanced technology. Evaluate your budget and choose a model that fits within your financial constraints.
    5. Training and Certification: If the boat requires specialized training or certification to operate autonomously, ensure you receive proper instruction. Safety protocols are crucial when using AI features.
    6. Maintenance and Support: Inquire about maintenance requirements and technical support. Regular updates and servicing are essential for optimal performance.

    Remember that AI-equipped boats are still relatively new, so availability may vary. Stay informed about advancements in this field and explore reputable sources for the latest information.


    Here are some notable boat manufacturers that are at the forefront of integrating AI technology into their vessels:

    1. This company utilizes low-light and thermal onboard cameras to create a digital landscape of the boat’s surroundings. Their focus is on enhancing safety and navigation through AI1.
    2. Avikus: Avikus specializes in autonomous navigation software. They recently introduced the NeuBoat series, which includes NeuBoat Navi (for navigation) and NeuBoat Dock (auto-docking technology). Six boat manufacturers are expected to integrate Avikus products into select recreational models for 20241.
    3. AquaSport Boats: Collaborating with Avikus, AquaSport Boats is committed to being a leader in monohull design. Their joint efforts aim to revolutionize recreational sport boating with AI-based autonomous technology2.

    Remember that the field of AI-equipped boats is rapidly evolving, so keep an eye out for new advancements and manufacturers entering the market!  12

    If you have further questions ask your friendly AI (CoPilot, Chat GPT etc)  That is what I did!!!


  • 30 Apr 2024 10:06 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    T-Mobile has announced a new 'Away' plan alternate to their popular Home Internet plan, specifically aimed at RV&Boaters, travelers and digital nomads. It is set to go live on May 8.  

    This plan at last officially offers a mobile unlimited data option on T-Mobile's network, and costs $160/mo. A capped 200GB version will also be available for $110/mo.

    The plan is very similar to the terms of the Home Internet version (including the new 1.2TB priority data threshold - see below) - except it throttled video streaming to 1080p. 

    With a new official "Away" plan - it is anticipated that T-Mobile may begin enforcing the fixed location terms on the $50-$60/mo Home Internet plan that many nomads are using.

    If enforcement comes - nomads who have come to rely on T-Mobile Home Internet will likely be impacted by needing to update their address each time they move to a qualified area or switch to the new "Away" plan that costs 3x the price.

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    As part of education I was thinking of update content if it would be useful.  Let me know @

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    Please see updated information from the Coast Guard regarding upcoming channel closures

  • 16 Jun 2021 10:26 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Please see the updated information on the Clear Creek Channel Closures for the Highway 146 bridge construction.

  • 7 Jun 2021 12:45 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Please see the latest update on the Clear Creek Channel Closures

  • 5 May 2021 11:52 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Please click to view Bill Jenko's power point presentation on the obstructions found on the south side of the 146 bridge in the Clear Creek channel.

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