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Upcoming Cruises

Cruises can be for just one day, the entire weekend, or longer on special extended cruises.  They can be geared for power, sail, or both.  We also have small boat excursions or dinghy regattas. You can find complete details on all our upcoming cruises on our Calendar.

Cruising Destinations

Beach PhotosTMCA is always on the go! Information is available to many of the cruising destinations in the area. Cruises generally depart from Clear Creek Channel Marker #2. Sign up for cruises is under the Registration link. Feel free to contact the cruise leader with any questions you may have. The decision as to whether or not to go on the cruise is made by each skipper based upon weather conditions and preparedness of the vessel and crew. Each skipper is solely responsible for his vessel's preparations and safety, including but not limited to:

  • All appropriate safety and emergency equipment
  • Provisions for the voyage
  • Basic navigation, piloting and boat-handling skills
  • Navigation charts for the areas to be traversed
  • Knowledge of boating rules and regulations
  • Seaworthiness of the vessel

Members can check out all the details including maps at Destinations. You must be registered and logged in to open.


This easy form can be filled out and emailed to your emergency contacts.

Download the TMCA Float Plan (PDF)

Where is "Marker 2"??

For our planned cruises, you can leave or your own pace, or many people wish to cruise together in close proximity. While promoting cruises, you'll commonly see the term "we'll meet at Marker 2 at 09:00am". This refers to the red Channel Marker 2 after you enter Galveston Bay from the Kemah Channel. (It is located at 29° 33.164' N x 94° 59.546' W.) We'll see you for the next cruise out at Marker 2!

Marker 2 Map

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