Pirates of Red Fish Cruise - April 13th - 14th 

We had 5 boats

Islander with Kevin and Marianne Bjork

Felina with David and Casey Embry

Mystic with Cliff and Amber Johnson

Bless Your Heart with Tim Marshall

Southern Cross was there but didn’t participate in the pirate wars and left before the bonfire.

So, for the pirate wars, we all put firewood and strips of cloth on our bows or in Islander’s case off the stern since the bow is really high relatively speaking. We all more or less ran about in our dinghies, getting soaked by squirt guns while trying to remove the flags and firewood. There’s a hilarious video I will attach of the first attack by Felina on Bless Your Heart where David is repulsed by superior firepower filmed by Casey Embry. Then I decided to get in my dinghy even though it blowing 15 and I only had oars, I rowed over to Felina and took my soaking while retrieving 3 flags and 3 pieces of wood. While I was doing this Kevin snuck up to Bless Your Heart and stole all my stuff. I rowed over and hosed him down but the damage was done. We declared Kevin the winner because he was the only one to steal things from 2 boats. Mystic didn’t arrive until later in the afternoon and missed the Pirate wars.

David won the Pirate costume contest. While we were pretty much tied pretty much on wigs and hats, David’s dog Rosie had a collar with a stuffed parrot on it that looked like it was riding on her shoulder. That broke the tie in my opinion and since I was the judge, they won.

A couple hours later, David and I went over to the island to scout for firewood and there was a surprising amount with a couple of ready-made stone fire pits. The bonfire started about an hour before sunset. We had an almost perfect set of food. We had a big bowl of fruit, a cherry tomato/basil mozzarella appetizer with balsamic vinegar, Pinwheels that were the best I’ve ever had and then cookies for dessert. We all stood around the fire for a couple hours I think watching the sun set behind the boats and talking about the kinds of things boaters talk about, you know, important stuff! It was a very enjoyable cruise.

David Embry set up a Google show with a lot more pictures and some videos at this link.


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