Officers and Committees

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2021 Officers

Ladye Jane Stone, Lori Friemel, Chris Boswell, Kay Waghorne, John Boswell, Janet Abraham, Meade LeBlanc (not pictured)

Our elected officers of the Club are Commodore, Vice Commodore, Rear Commodore, Port Captain, Secretary, Treasurer and Cruise Captain.  Other officers may be appointed by the Board of Governors as they deem necessary.  See Section V of the Bylaws to see more detailed information on each officer's responsibility.


Ladye Jane Stone, s/v Pier Pressure, 713-724-3535.  Ladye will keep everything in TMCA running smoothly in 2021. The commodore will oversee the entire organization, making sure we keep in line with the structure of the organization.

Vice Commodore

Lori Friemel, m/v Seascape, 713-826-7998.  Lori manages the monthly General Meeting programs. She acquires the speakers and also organizes special tours and educational sessions.

Rear Commodore

Chris Boswell, m/v Y Know Another, 817-454-6609.  Chris is in the know about the special events and Commodore's Ball. She and the party hosts will keep the website calendar updated with current information on the upcoming social events.

Port Captain

Janet Abraham,  s/v Flyer, 228-860-9279.  Janet is in the coordinator of the monthly dock parties and assists with the social events for cruises.  Dock parties are a great way to meet other members and socialize.

Cruise Captain

John Boswell, m/v Y Knot Another, 817-724-7362. Contact John for general cruising information, status of weekend cruises, cruise leaders, or destinations. He and the cruise leaders will keep the web site calendar updated with current information about each cruise.


Kay Waghorne, m/v Cambria, 281-550-1723.  Kay records the minutes of the Board Meetings, handles the TMCA correspondence and maintains the TMCA membership.


Meade LeBlanc, sv Reflection, 281-796-2528. Meade handles all financials for the club, including the collection of membership dues.

Past Commodore

Bryan Austin, s/v Austintatious, 832-221-5416.  Bryan is a voting memeber of the 2021 Board of Governors and, as such, helps to provide continuity from the previous administration. 

2021 TMCA Board of Trustees

See Section 4.03 of the Bylaws to see the responsibilites of the Board of Trustees.

Trustee 2018 Commodore - Larry Friemel, m/v Seascape, 281-832-0361,
Trustee 2017 Commodore - Charles Parette, m/v Andiamo, 281-793-7268,
Trustee 2016  Commodore - Jerry Simoneaux, s/v Rainbow, 713-577-9587,
Trustee 2002 Commodore - Gloria Rooney, s/v St Somewhere, 713-805-0843,

2021 TMCA Committees and Standing Committees

The club will have ten (10) standing committees and four additional working committees.  See Section 7.01 of the Bylaws for additional information


Membership Committee - Kay Waghorne.  Chairperson and Welcome Ambassadors.  The Membership Committee shall determine the eligibility of persons desiring to become Members of the club.  It shall recommend to the Board of Governors persons to be considered for election to the Board of Governors as honorary Members.

Cruise Committee - John Boswell, Chairperson.  The Cruise Committee shall plan and recommend cruises to the membership.  It shall establish guidelines for persons serving as cruise leaders.

Special Events Committee - Chris Boswell, Chairperson.  The Special Events Committee shall plan and organize the Commodores Ball and any other special events planned by the Chairperson such as Mardi Gras, Wine tasting or Fajita party.

Social Committee - Janet Abraham, Chairperson.  The Social Committee plans and assigns social leaders for the monthly dock parties as planned by the Chairperson, and assists the cruise leaders as necessary with any cruise-related social events.

Education Committee - Lori Friemel, Chairperson.  The Education Committee shall plan and organize programs aimed at improving the Club's general knowledge of boating.  The committee may contain one or more members.

Historical Committee - Philip Kropf, Chairperson.  The Historical Committee shall maintain records of all existing yearbooks, directories, newsletters, and, to the extent practical, articles and publications.  The committee can consist of one or more members.

Boatique Committee -   Kevin & Vicki Berkebile chair the Boatique Committee.  The Boatique Committee shall maintain and display the club's inventory of logo merchandise and accessories.  The Chair shall implement a purchasing system for the purposes of selling the items at all club meetings and social events, as feasible.  One or more members.

Internet Committee - Linda Schoene, Chairperson, Chris Bown, and Vicki Berkibile, members.  The Chairperson of the Internet Committee shall be the Webmaster of the Club website.  He/she shall have the responsibility for maintenance of the club website and authority for its content according to policies established by the Board of Governors.  The committee may consist of one or more members. 

Newsletter Committee - Connie Ferguson, Chairperson.  The Newsletter Committee is responsible for the weekly email updates on upcoming events, and putting together the monthly newsletter, The Texs Mariner.

Community Liaison Committee - All TMCA Board Members.  The Community Liaison Committee shall maintain a relationship with various boating, conservation, maritime, and governmental entities for the purpose of compiling information received from these entities and conveying it back to the boating community. When interesting and timely, the information collected may be conveyed to the Members via "The Texas Mariner", or by other means.

Working Committees

Audit Committee -  Members will serve on the Audit Committee and will review the Club's books for the prior year and approve the Treasurer's annual report.

Nominating Committee - Ladye Jane Stone, Bryan Austin, Larry Friemel, Charles Parette, Jerry Simoneaux, Gloria Rooney, and TBD.  The Nominating Committee shall consist of the currently serving Board of Trustees, the Commodore, the Immediate Past Commodore, and at least two Members selected by the Commodore, one of which shall have been a member for at least five years, and one of which shall have been a Member for no more than two years

Publicity Committee -  Promotes club awareness with other groups and writes articles about upcoming TMCA events for various local publications such as Telltale Magazine and local community magazines.

Cookbook Committee - Lori Friemel.  The Cookbook Committee collects recipies and produces the TMCA Cookbook.

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