Upcoming events

    • 16 Apr 2021
    • 6:00 PM (CDT)
    • Elks Lodge, 623 Hanson Road, Kemah TX

    April Monthly Meeting Friday, 16th

    Our monthly meeting will be at the Elks Lodge, 623 Hanson Road, Kemah TX. Socializing and dinner orders will begin at 6:00 pm, and the business meeting begins at 7:00 pm, with the presentation to follow.

    Our expected speaker had to reschedule, and will join us in July.

    Stepping in this month will be TMCA member Randolph Stephens.  Randy is a Manufacturer's Representative for multiple marine parts manufacturers.  Also, an avid boater with extensive experience in the marine industry from boat renovations, marina management and more.  Bring your questions and get ready for an exceptional presentation.

    There will also be a Special Education Byte presentation by Bill Jenko, Recreational Boater Representative for the Lone Star Harbor Safety Committee.  Send in, or bring your questions for a short Q&A to follow his presentation.

    Come early, enjoy dinner and visiting with members and guests.  Social distancing in place.  

    Be sure to wear your name badge and bring your mask.

    We hope to see you there!

    • 24 Apr 2021
    • 3:00 PM - 7:00 PM (CDT)
    • Bayshore Park

    TMCA Fish Fry

    Saturday April 24th

    3:00pm – 7:00pm

    Bayshore Park Pavilion

    Registration is now Open!             $20.00 per person

    Register by April 12th !

    Come by Car or Dingy and enjoy the company of your fellow TMCA members.

    The Park has a beautiful view of the Bay, plenty of parking and restroom facilities.

    There are many picnic tables but if you prefer you can bring your own chair.

    Tea is provided with the meal, if you would like to bring an alternative beverage you may.  Only beer and Wine are allowed in the Park (no hard liquor)

    Catfish on Wheels

    •    Catfish and Shrimp
      • French Fries
      • Hushpuppies
      • Cole Slaw
      • Beans
      • Pickles and Jalapeno Peppers
      • Ketchup, Tartar Sauce, Tabasco, and Lemon Juice
      • Iced Tea, Sweet, and Unsweet
      • Plates, Cups, Plastic ware, Napkins

    Cost is $20 per person and includes, Pavilion Rental, Fish Fry dinner, security and admin fees.

    • 25 Apr 2021
    • 1:00 PM (CDT)
    • Clear Creek Channel Entrance

    Elks in Paradise

    Let the boating season begin!  Decorate your boat for the 53rd Annual Blessing of the Fleet, a daytime parade, and have your boat blessed as you pass thru the Clear Creek Channel.  Registration is required to participate. The $35 entry fee goes to the Clear Lake/Kemah Elks Lodge to sponsor veterans and special needs children's programs. 


    Saturday April 24th, 10:00 AM, at the Clear Lake/Kemah Elk's Lodge #2322, at 623 Hanson Rd, Kemah,TX. An additional $10 refundable deposit is required to pick up a boat number, which will be refunded when your boat number is returned at the Award's Ceremony.


     Sunday April 25th, 1:15 PM on Clear Lake at the entrance of the Clear Creek channel.


                      1) Grand Marshal -                                   1:50 PM

                      2) Salute to Military Boat -                       2:00 PM  (after group #1)

                      3) Commercial Shrimpers -                      2:10 PM  (after group #2)

                      4) Pleasure Yachts -                                 2:20 PM  (after group #3)

                      5) Wrangler (final boat in parade) -           After group #4


    Sunday April 25th, 4:30 PM at the Clear Lake/Kemah Elks Lodge #2322,  623 Hanson Rd, Kemah,TX

    Winners will be announced and trophies will be presented at this time                                           


    All boats - Shrimpers, other Commercial and Pleasure Yachts – #72, Coast Guard  #16


                      1) Start and stay with their designated group.

                      2) Wait until all vessels in the prior group have departed before entering the parade.

                      3) Maintain a minimum of 200 yards spacing between other boats in the parade.

                      4) Obey all instructions from the Parade Wrangler during the course of the parade.


                      1) Originality of “Elks in Paradise”

                      2) Costumes

                      3) Time and Effort

                      4) Decorations - Quality and Quantity

                      5) Enthusiasm of Captain and Crew


    • 30 Apr 2021
    • 8:30 AM (CDT)
    • 2 May 2021
    • (CDT)
    • The East Fork of Double Bayou at the Pasture

    Spring Cruise to the Pasture at Double Bayou

    Most newer members of TMCA have probably never been to this wonderful cruising destination, and there are other older members who have not been there for quite a long time! The “Pasture” on the East Fork of Double Bayou has a very long history as a TMCA cruising destination, and so this is a great time to do this cruise before the weather gets too warm for it to be comfortable there.

    There are some who think that Double Bayou is too difficult to navigate successfully anymore without running aground, but after personally doing three solo cruises there in 2020, I can attest that conditions are better there than they have been for a long time, specifically with some excellent new pvc markers along the red side of the channel in the shallowest areas. And I have also picked a weekend where the predicted tide levels should be quite excellent for channel transits. (see below)

    There are two important documents that new cruisers to this destination need to look at, and they can be accessed by clicking here and here. The first one deals with navigation information, and the second one explains how to successfully get tied up alongside a cow pasture! And in addition to providing valuable information, they also contain lots of photos to give you an idea of what you are going to see along the way and when at this location.

    There are no specific activities planned while there, but the Pasture is a great place to dinghy further up the bayou and explore the pristine scenery, or dinghy back down the bayou to Channel Marker 17 for a great lunch and a cold beer, or fish from the bank, or fly kites (or drones!), or play horseshoes, or just sit in a chair and enjoy the spring weather! We at this point probably cannot safely have  our usual dish-to-share meals, but if everyone creates their own dinners there is no reason that we cannot have socially-distanced meals in a big circle under the trees. And then also, since we always have a bonfire in the evenings, do throw some firewood aboard your boat to contribute to this wonderful tradition. And oh yes…, bring those marshmallows to toast and ingredients for smores!!!

    There are lots of photos in an album from a 2016 cruise to this destination, and it be found here:   https://www.flickr.com/photos/15251435@N08/albums/72157667488748412/page

    So take a look at them, start your cruise planning, get signed up for the event on the website, and come join us for a great weekend on the water at a quite magical location!

    And if you have questions please give me a call at 713-598-6454.

    • 7 May 2021
    • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM (CDT)
    • Waterford Harbor

    Mike and Jean Dobbs are hosting the May dock party at Waterford Harbor Marina (waterfordharbormarina.com) Pavillion B near the office. Bring your own drinks, snacks, and chairs to hang out dockside. It's international 'No Pants Day'  which started at University of Texas per Wikipedia. Just sayin'. (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/No_Pants_Day

    • 16 May 2021
    • 9:30 AM (CDT)
    • Galveston Bay

    Follow the Leader and Cruise Around the Bay!

    May 16, 2021

    - Are you a new TMCA member perhaps with not much experience on the bay???

    - And have you never been through either of the two Boater Cuts into Trinity Bay???

    - And have you always wondered what that big island is out there in the middle of the bay???

    - And have you never had courage enough to try getting through West Pass???

    Well this little day cruise will allow you to achieve all of those previous challenges that you might have had, but were not quite sure how to do something about achieving them!

    So here are the cruise details. After meeting up in the vicinity of the Clear Creek channel Marker #2, the route has been planned to take you out to the Redfish Island area and safely through the varied in-the-water hazards along that route. From there, for those maybe having wanted to try the West Pass Route to Galveston (click here for details), but were afraid to do it, we will go through West Pass heading south for a half-mile or so, and then after everyone is through, do a 180° and head back through the pass northbound. We will next skirt around through the Redfish anchorage area and then continue heading north to the markers 5 and 6 “gate” of the South Boater Cut (SBC) and then cross the Houston Ship Channel (HSC) into Trinity Bay. From there it will be a 2.5nm run up the east side of the “Mid-Bay Marsh” island until we reach marker 1 of the North Boater Cut (NBC). Then heading WSW we will traverse the NBC and finally we will head west back across the bay towards the Seabrook shoreline, following a track south to see all the pretty waterfront homes along Todville Road.

    The nautical chart above shows the actual route that has been created for this cruise and it can of course always be altered due to conditions and preferences out there on the water that day. But as part of the experience of doing this cruise, entering the waypoints provided into your chart plotter, and then following them, is part of the cruise plan. A list of these waypoints is below and the Cruise Leader recommends that you load these into your chart plotter prior to the cruise, and then also create a route for you to follow! These waypoints will give you confidence in trying West Pass and the two boater cuts, and then you will also have them there for future use.

    In 2020 when we first did this cruise more than 20 boats participated, both power and sail. Only a few did the entire 22nm route as several chose to drop off along the way and do other things. But again, if you are new to the bay, this is a great way to learn your way around some of the routes and landmarks that we all use, and to practice your navigation skill while doing it.

    To keep this calendar write-up relatively short I am not going to add any more here. But to learn some details about some of the things that you are going to see along the way, and some of the history of how they got to be there, and how they have changed over time, I have created a separate document for you to read, and it is available on my Dropbox site at: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kfjydd98t5jb0r0/Follow%20the%20Leader%20and%20Cruise%20Around%20the%20Bay%202021%20%28Dropbox%20post%29.pdf?dl=0 . I will be calling out some of these things on the VHF as we progress along the route, but reading this document ahead of time I think will make the day a bit more interesting for you.

    Feel free to contact me with any questions prior to the cruise date, and any late-breaking changes in plans due to weather, etc. will be posted on TMCA Facebook. My boat, s/v Silhouette, is a 27ft rather slow-moving sailboat, typically motoring at 5kts or so. But the whole idea of this adventure is to go slow, see the sights, and have a pleasant day on the water. So please come join me!

    Philip Kropf,  s/v Silhouette,  713-598-6454,   pkropf@flash.net

    • 21 May 2021
    • 6:00 PM (CDT)
    • Elks Lodge, 623 Hanson Road, Kemah TX

    May Monthly Meeting – Friday, 21th

    Our monthly meeting will be at the Elks Lodge623 Hanson Road, Kemah TX. Socializing and dinner orders will begin at 6:00 pm, and the business meeting begins at 7:00 pm, with the presentation to follow.

    Our speaker this month is TMCA member Phil Geren.  Phil will teach us about anchoring.  Phil teaches techniques you can use and will answer your anchoring questions.  With his unique style and engaging humor, you do not want to miss this learning opportunity.

    Come early, enjoy dinner and visiting with members and guests.  Social distancing in place.  

    Be sure to wear your name badge and bring your mask.  We hope to see you there!  

    • 22 May 2021
    • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM (CDT)

    Attention Women of TMCA!

    • New to boating?
    • Want to learn more about boating?
    • Want to ask those questions about things you've always wanted to know?
    • Want to meet some women members?
    • Want to help us teach other women to feel more comfortable on the water?

    Then this class is for you!!!

    This is a class for women, taught by women.  You will learn the basics of talking on the radio, navigation, knot tying, docking and so much more!  The class will cover the basics, and the women teaching the course are experienced boaters.  You will have the opportunity to polish your skills or learn something new.  This is a fun, laid back class with lots of hands on instruction.

    Come early, enjoy coffee, refreshments and meet other women boaters.

    Please register on the website so that we know how many handouts will be needed.  There is no fee for this class.

    Be sure to wear your name badge and bring your mask.  Social distancing in place.  We hope to see you there!

    Class will be held at the Elks Lodge, 623 Hanson Road, Kemah.  

    • 23 May 2021
    • 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM (CDT)
    • Bay

    • 28 May 2021
    • (CDT)
    • 31 May 2021
    • (CDT)
    • Moody Gardens

    • 4 Jun 2021
    • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM (CDT)
    • Lakewood Yacht Club - Pavilion

    The June dock party is hosted by Shelli Gregory at Lakewood Yacht Club, 2322 Lakewood Yacht Club Drive in Seabrook.  Meet at the covered patio by Shelli's boat (more details to follow). Bring your lawn chairs, ice chests and snacks.

    • 11 Jun 2021
    • (CDT)
    • 13 Jun 2021
    • (CDT)
    • Harbor Walk

    • 18 Jun 2021
    • 6:00 PM (CDT)
    • Elks Lodge, 623 Hanson Road, Kemah TX

    June Monthly Meeting – Friday, 18th

    Our monthly meeting will be at the Elks Lodge623 Hanson Road, Kemah TX. Socializing and dinner orders will begin at 6:00 pm, and the business meeting begins at 7:00 pm, with the presentation to follow.

    Our speaker this month had to reschedule.  The new speaker will be announced soon.

    Come early, enjoy dinner and visiting with members and guests.  Social distancing in place.  

    Be sure to wear your name badge and bring your mask.

    We hope to see you there! 

    • 19 Jun 2021
    • 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM (CDT)
    • El Lago

    TMCA Member Birthday Party

    • 25 Jun 2021
    • (CDT)
    • 27 Jun 2021
    • (CDT)
    • Bayland

    • 25 Jun 2021
    • (CDT)
    • 27 Jun 2021
    • (CDT)
    • Harbor Walk

    • 2 Jul 2021
    • (CDT)
    • 5 Jul 2021
    • (CDT)
    • Moody Gardens

    Cruise Leader - Summer Rice

    • 10 Jul 2021
    • (CDT)
    • TBD

    • 17 Jul 2021
    • (CDT)

    • 23 Jul 2021
    • (CDT)
    • 25 Jul 2021
    • (CDT)
    • Smith Point

    For many years, starting in 2004, one of TMCA’s most favorite cruising destinations was “Spoonbill RV Park” at Smith Point. This facility pretty much got wiped off the map in 2008 by hurricane IKE, but it did come back and we continued to cruise there for perhaps three more years until shallow water issues along their long bulkhead became, sadly, a challenge we could not be overcome.

    At last year's Planning Meeting I volunteered to organize a “Full Moon Beach Party at Smith Point”, with this event planned to be on one of the many islands that exist off to the northern side of the point. On a nautical chart they are still called the "Vingt-et-un Islands" (French for “21”), even though there are probably fewer of them than that remaining these days!

    In 2020 this first-time cruise was originally planned for the full moon in June, and then, due to the virus stuff, rescheduled to the full moon in August…, with the hope of course that things might be somewhat back to “normal” by then! But then, as Covid raged on, rather than canceling the event entirely,  we opted for a modified more socially-distanced version!

    The new “plan” was to cruise over to the Smith Point area (about 11nm) and then anchor individually north of the point wherever your boat might be comfortable depth-wise (re: chart image attached)

    The weekend of the cruise there were forecasts for some bad weather, but three boats boats still did venture out (myself not included...) and just enjoyed the afternoon over there at anchor. 

    But in 2021 we are going to try it again, with the cruise plan being similar. Bring your dinghy and we will go “exploring” around the area: the “21 islands” themselves, the bigger “Bird Island” to the west of the point itself (although it is marked “no access”), Spoonbill RV Park inside the “Trinity River Channel” area at the point, and then perhaps go all the way into the pretty little “Smith Point Harbor” itself (yes folks, there is one!). Anybody can do as much, or as little, of this exploring as they wish, and then as the day wears on (and for those planning to spend the night), select the nicest of the “Vingt-et-un Islands”, go ashore, collect some driftwood (there usually is plenty there…), build a bonfire, and have a TMCA Beach Party! If there is not enough room on one island to adequately “social distance” we can even claim another one!

    One time when we were at Spoonbill, on a similar full moon weekend, we actually did some after dark dinghy exploring, and that was certainly “adventuresome” to say the least!!  So we’ll play it all by ear…, everything depending upon the weather (yes it probably will be hot!), the winds (the anchorage area is quite well-protected from winds everywhere from east to perhaps SSW), the number of participants (a sign-up page on the website will be activated on the website as we get closer to the event), to whether or not we can adequately “social distance” and still also make smores over a bonfire! (I think we can!!)

    The chart image above points out a quite large anchoring area, so there should be plenty of room for all. Predicted tide levels for the weekend are favorable for daytime arrivals, and of course we likely will be seeing higher-than-normal water levels in July anyway.

    Below is a chart with waypoints that I produced for last year's cruise.  Follow the waypoints to the general anchorage area and then just pick a location that you like.

    During spring and summer there seems to be quite a lot of anchoring-out activity at Redfish, Nassau Bay, and other locations, and so why not at Smith Point!!! Be a little bit adventurous and come explore what is, for many of you, probably a new destination!

    Please sign up on the website, and also feel free to contact me if you have questions. (713-598-6454) Additional late-breaking updates will be posted on TMCA Facebook as we get closer to the event.

    Philip Kropf

    s/v Silhouette



    • 31 Jul 2021
    • (CDT)
    • 1 Aug 2021
    • (CDT)
    • Redfish

    • 6 Aug 2021
    • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM (CDT)
    • Janet Abraham and Ben Miller Backyard

    Get your game on!  Let's play water volleyball to cool off in the dog days of August.  We'll cook some hot dogs on the grill and have some fun.  We need players, fetchers, a judge, and a scorekeeper for this backyard activity.  

    The address is:  3128 Moonlit Lake Circle, League City, TX 77573

    Bring your ice chest,  bathing suits and towels, lawn chairs (if it's easy for you), and maybe a snack to share.  There is extra parking in the cul de sac at end of street.