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The Pasture - Double Bayou



It’s been a long time since TMCA has taken the East Fork of Double Bayou. Legend has it that it was once a favorite destination of the club and many a fine bonfire was had there. I’ve seen pictures of John Allison cooking cobbler in a Dutch oven, many pictures of bonfires and several pictures of Holiday Celebrations, notably the French Peeknic. I have wanted to cruise here since I first joined the club 3 years ago and we haven’t done it until now.

I scrutinized a years worth of tidal predictions and this weekend was my first choice. I was looking for high tides (greater than 1 foot) in the window of noon to two o’clock with the high likelihood of strong southerly breezes and this weekend is optimal.

There is one sketchy part of the approach but I’ve done it now 5 times in a boat that draws 5 feet so it can be certainly done.

One of the trips to Channel Marker 17, I asked Philip to show me the pasture so on Sunday before high tide we headed up the East Fork. It was kind of like being on the Riverboat Exploration ride at Six Flags when I was a kid but this time it was my boat. It was really beautiful and surprisingly peaceful motoring up that channel. When we got up there he pointed out where all the boats would tie up nose in. There’s a large pasture to the left and a smaller but still large area of Oaks to the right. He said it’s his favorite place in Galveston Bay to cruise. He’s been to all of them and I’m fully prepared to take him at his word. There is something kind of magical about the place.

So let’s saddle up and get it done. Let’s go back to the Pasture.

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