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12 Apr 2021 1:42 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

At the Helm

Spring has arrived and it comes with a continued sense of optimism.  We are off to a great start this year with good attendance at all our events and we want to keep this momentum going, so please check the calendar often for updates and join us at some of our upcoming activities.

A member asked that I post something about the Rules of the Road and my first thought was ‘Big Boat Wins!’, but we all know there is much more to learn.  Navigation Rules are regulations which aid mariners in safe navigation, just as driving laws aid vehicles in safe driving.  All mariners should know and understand the Rules. The Rules are legally binding and application of them makes the waterways safer for everyone.

Similarly, are Best Practices to follow in our business dealings, the Golden Rules in our daily activities and most recently, guidelines to follow during the pandemic.  Rules and Guidelines are intended to protect us – the better you understand them, the more you can see how they benefit.


You can learn more about Rules of Navigation through USCG, Boat US, ASA courses and our upcoming W.O.W. class.

We received sad news this month that Tom Smith, one of our Founding Members and our First Commodore passed away February 28th.

He wrote an article about TMCA for Texas Sailing in 1981 which described the benefits and experiences of the organization.  It stated that they had 160 members and listed 15 cruises (1 of which was to Gulfport, MS)

 It all started informally with 18 people at Vince’s Boat Stop in Oct. 1978 and they decided on the name.  In Feb. 1979 they met officially, elected officers and worked with an attorney to develop the bylaws.

He ended the article with “We have such a hell of a good time. It’s a way of life with us we really enjoy…”

From his wife Myrna:

"Tom was so proud of how the organization grew, but as he got older and since we live in Spring Texas, it got a lot more difficult to go down to Watergate marina. ​

Sadly he went into Alzheimer’s disease about eight years ago, which precluded his ability to do anything with the Organization. ​

The fact that three men got together and started this and it became what it is today was one of his proudest achievements. ​

We still have so many photos of various parties and trips and his boat, Popeye. ​

Since he had such a love for sailing, which included Galveston, he wants his ashes spread in Galveston Bay and we will do that in May."       

I will post more information as I receive and perhaps a fleet of TMCA boats can pay tribute to him.  We are also attempting to add this article on the TMCA website.

If you’re a new member, or a long-time member getting back involved, please wear your name tags.  Engage someone you don’t know and find out what kind of boat they have or want – you’ll quickly find that you’ve made a new friend.

Be smart and stay safe on the water or land and never hesitate to ask …a little ‘Pier Pressure’ with a smile is encouragement.

The more you participate in TMCA, the more you will gain from it and the more FUN you will have! 

Ladye Jane Stone

Commodore 2021

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